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Design Process

When you contract with Southern Landscape Group, you are not only purchasing a design, but a design process. Our design team crafts a goal-oriented action plan using your unique aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs. We are here to listen to what you want, look for what you need, and craft a plan that meets your goals. This is what our process looks like:


Discovery Meeting

A firepit for making s'mores with the kids? The perfect outdoor entertaining space? A lush landscape to compliment your home? You have ideas for your home and we are excited to learn more! We will begin with a Discovery Meeting at your property. During this meeting, we will walk the property, ask questions about your goals, objectives, and wish list to learn more, and see what is possible! Once we are confident we can help you, we will provide you with a Concept Design Proposal to thoughtfully move your project ahead!

The perfect project isn’t drawn overnight! That is why we follow an iterative design process, beginning with the Concept Design. Once the concept is drawn and approved, we will prepare ballpark budget costs for the project. This nominal investment helps mitigate the risk of missed or misunderstood requirements as well as align budget expectations early in the process.

Once you are comfortable with the planned project concept and budget, it is time to draw out the construction details for the project! Our experience tells us that the devil is indeed and in details, so the more time we spend getting details right on the front end leads to a faster, smoother, and on-budget installation. At this point, there are two ways you can proceed:

A. Retainer Agreement: no further design fees, placement on SLG production schedule, 10% non-refundable deposit based on the lowest budget number


B. Hourly Design Agreement: no installation commitment, hourly design rate of $80/hr, no placement on SLG production schedule, Design release fee of $500

This is where all the detailed work gets outlined into a simple, easy to read and understand scope of work agreement. It ensures that we have not missed anything and provides you with the framework for how your project will be built. Upon successful review of the proposal, we will execute together and be ready to move into the construction phase! It is time to bring your dreams to life!

1: Discovery Meeting
2: Concept Design
3: Detailed Design
4: Final Proposal

Concept Design


Detailed Design

Final Proposal

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