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Build Process

The best client experience is visualizing your project and then watching it come to life. Working with our team of designers and builders results in smooth communication, better organization, and a more efficient process. First, our design team works with you to create your vision. Then, they deliver a detailed plan to our install team. Because our designers and builders work collaboratively, there are no surprises or changes – minimizing additional upcharges. The Southern Landscape Group team is organized, experienced and delivers excellent customer service from start to finish. We deliver high-quality work and a low-stress Design/Build experience.



Once you sign an installation agreement, we will schedule our production teams to execute the work.  We schedule new jobs once per week and will notify you after our internal production meeting of your approximate installation date.  Remember, weather is a HUGE factor in what we do and can cause the schedule to change.  If the date you are given ever changes by more than two weeks, we will call you to discuss.

Site Visit

Prior to the work starting at your home, we typically hold a pre-production meeting at the job site.  This meeting allows our designer, sales person and project leader to walk through the project while on-site.  It helps prepare the team before they arrive and ensures the project start is successful.  We always alert you to this meeting time frame and you are welcome to join as a client, if you prefer.  These meetings are scheduled based on our team's availability. 

Job Start

When we are about one week out from starting your project, you will get an e-mail notification from our team alerting you that your project is “about 1 week from starting”.  Due to the nature of our work, we typically can’t guarantee an exact day at this point.  Then, the day prior to our arrival, you will receive a phone call and/or e-mail by 4 PM alerting you that we will be starting your project the next morning. 


Any questions, concerns, issues that you have prior to our teams starting work can be handled through your Landscape Professional that you have been working with on the project.  They can help you get answers to questions promptly to ensure your needs are addressed.



This is the day we mobilize equipment, people and materials to the job.  We spend much of the day setting up and doing layout, so don’t be surprised when you look out at the end of the day and it doesn’t look like much has been done.  It has, just in a planning and preparation sense.  This is a great opportunity to meet your project leader who will be executing the installation.

Throughout the

Our project leader will be communicating with you on a daily basis by providing a service ticket at the end of the day outlining what was accomplished and what is next.  If you live out of town and are unable to be there, we will send this to you via e-mail.  We encourage you to be inquisitive and ask questions.  Don’t ever “assume” anything, we prefer that you ask.

the End

As we approach the last few days of the project, we will ask that you make yourself available for a walk-through.  We want to have you review the project with us and make sure any last questions and or concerns are addressed.  This gives our team time to respond and adjust prior to moving off the job site. 


Once the job is complete, your Landscape Professional will meet you to walk the job as well and ensure your ultimate satisfaction.  At that time, the final payment is due for the project. 

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