A well-planned landscape project does not happen overnight.  If you are going to make an investment in your homes exterior, you owe it to yourself to work with a qualified landscape company to help you plan and execute the project.   Some of the typical questions we hear from perspective clients thinking about an outdoor project are “How long does it take to plan a project?”,  “When should we start planning our landscape project?”, “I am not sure I know what I want.  How do I figure that out?”  Rest assured, these are all normal questions and can be easily addressed. 

Let’s start with the first question, “How long does it take to plan a project?”  This varies depending on the type of project you may be interested in completing.  A landscape planting installation can be planned in less than two weeks, while an extensive outdoor living project with a pool and pool house may take up to ten weeks.  In order to determine the amount of time this part of the project will take, you will want to talk to one of our qualified Landscape Professionals about the type of project you have in mind.  The more elements you want to include in your project, the longer it takes to plan it!

The next question we often hear is “When should we start planning our outdoor project?”  The quick answer is NOW!  It is never too early to start the planning process, or at least brainstorming ideas.  If your project is being done in conjunction with a new home construction or addition, it is best to start planning the job in collaboration with the home planning.  There are many pitfalls that can be avoided when a qualified landscape designer is working directly with your builder.  Many times work can be planned to save money and time.  If your project is a stand-alone project that does not hinge on other projects, then the answer is to start planning a minimum of one season in advance of when you want the work to be done.  For larger projects you may need to start planning two seasons in advance.  The more complex a project is, the more time it will require to capture all of the details and ensure a great end result!

Lastly, we often hear from perspective clients ““I am not sure I know what I want.  How do I figure that out?”  Fortunately, there are many great resources available to you for planning your landscape.  Step one is to jot down some notes about what things are important to you in the project.  Then, jump online and start taking a look at some of these things.  We encourage our perspective clients to visit the photo gallery on our website, visit Pinterest and HOUZZ.com.  There you can search for pictures by the type of feature you want and can create some idea books to share with your Landscape Professional.  The second step in the process is the interview by one of our Landscape Professionals.  This is where we sit down and ask you tons of questions about what you are trying to accomplish, what is important and why.  We are able to alert you to things you may not have been aware of previously that may peak your interest.  Regardless, we will make sure you know what is possible.

In summary, planning a landscape can take from less than two weeks to more than 12 weeks.  Start with the end in mind.  It is best to begin planning your project a minimum of one, but ideally two seasons in advance.  Use online resources to see what options are out there for features you may like and lastly, make sure you work with a qualified Landscape Professional that can help you navigate the planning process successfully!



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