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Low-Maintenance Landscape

The million dollar question: “How can I make my landscape maintenance-free?” As you might imagine, we get this question a lot. We can’t make your landscape maintenance-free, BUT we can make it low-maintenance. Here are a few ideas:

Image by Kelly Sikkema

have a plan

Every project begins with a detailed long-term action plan. This includes planning for the right plants in the right place, effective drainage solutions, and groundcover that limits manual weeding.

Image by Methi SOMÇAĞ


Everyone’s biggest complaint is watering. Few have the time or inclination to water properly. Irrigation systems solve this problem and free up your time. Some of the latest irrigation systems can be managed from your smartphone.


water features

Water features are beautiful. People love the relaxing sounds and the way they feel watching the water flow. All water features require some maintenance; however, we use modern design features that require the least amount of maintenance available today.


bluetooth led lighting

Lighting adds interest and usability to your space. We use the latest technology that allows you to control your lights from your smartphone. No more tinkering with timers.

Image by Marliese Streefland

pet-friendly turf

Children and pets are tough on lush lawns. This is especially true on smaller lots that have an abundance of roof water. Today, many families are choosing synthetic turf as a smart option for long-term beauty and low stress maintenance.

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 12.47.35

maintenance needs

Hiring a maintenance company is the difference between enjoying your weekends or spending them mowing/weeding your yard. It’s an investment in making your life easier. The right maintenance company will maintain your landscape and keep it looking beautiful all year long.

Image by Егор Камелев

drainage & mosquito


We troubleshoot potential standing water problems and build drainage into all of our plans to minimize the likelihood of mosquitoes in your yard. Is the enjoyment of your yard impacted by these pests? We have drainage and treatment solutions that will help. If you know in advance that this is an issue for you, we should include this in your budget planning to ensure that it’s not overlooked.

Image by Melissa Askew



Focusing on the right plant types and planting in large numbers of limited varieties will lower and simplify your maintenance needs.

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