Southern Landscape Group has been recognized as a top place to work in Lynchburg.  Founded by Mark Maslow in 1998 while a junior in high school, Southern Landscape Group originally provided lawn care and pressure washing services.  After finishing his B.S Degree in Horticulture with a Small Business Minor, Mark came back to his hometown to continue what he had started in high school; however, he was armed with new found knowledge and desire to grow his company, along with Co-Owner David Moon!

Today, Southern Landscape Group employs 25 full time staff and another 20 during the landscaping season.  While we offer many of the standard benefits such as: competitive wages, retirement contributions, paid time off and health insurance, there are a few perks to working with our team that others dare to compare.  For instance we could mention things like: getting paid to work out, working outside, never ending chances to unleash your creativity, an environment where your ideas and voice are always heard, an opportunity to work on the very best projects and make our clients’ lives better everyday.  Above all though, is a chance to feel real accomplishment when you stand back and look at what you just created!  These are the perks of working at Southern Landscape Group!  Combine those opportunities with a group of passionate and like-minded professionals and what you get is one of the best places on Earth to work!

We thank our awesome clients who continue to afford us the opportunities to unleash our creativity and our passion for what we do!  We are truly blessed beyond measure!

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